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KEDEHub empowers the leadership team to maximize software developer happiness and productivity with data-driven insights, generated by our patented technology.

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Maximize software developer happiness and productivity

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KEDEHub: A SaaS Platform

How It Works

KEDEHub is a Software as a Service platform that has three main functions: analyzing Git repositories, calculating KEDE, and presenting results visually. KEDE calculation is based on the only scientific method for measuring the capability of software development organizations and is patented technology.

Analysis is conducted on local clones of Git repositories.

  • Your source code and commit messages remain secure on your premises, ensuring the protection of your intellectual property.
  • No information is captured through the analysis of the source code and commit messages.
  • The analysis is carried out by an open-source agent, which can be found here.

No Disruptions for Developers

  • There is no need for software installations on developers' computers.
  • Developers are not required to provide any additional input.
  • Consent from developers is not necessary.

Case studies


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Getting started