KEDEHub Ambassadors

Help clients unleash their untapped human potential and earn 50% of their first year's revenue


The KEDEHub Ambassadors program offers an opportunity for management consultants, freelance CTOs, and other management thought leaders to bring actionable metrics to managers of software development companies and their clients while sharing in the revenue. Ambassadors will be awarded 50% commission on the list price.

Your average commission from a single KEDEHub customer would be $3,000 annually.

The knowledge you'll need

Managers and decision-makers , who want to unleash the untapped potential in their organization, can use KEDEHub to get visibility into the black box that is an organization developing software with our scientific and non-intrusive method.

KKEDEHub allows you to make comparisons among your company's functional areas and between your company and others by objectively and scientifically answer questions such as:

  • What is the capability of each of the vendors you outsource projects to?
  • What is the capability of my company's human capital compared with the average level in the industry?
  • Did the new recruits increase the capability of my team?

After quantifying how efficient the knowledge discovery process is you can take actions to unleash the untapped human potential.

Learn all the basics on how to use KEDEHub metrics and improve performance.