Clients of Outsourcing Services

Gain Transparency and Control

Outsourcing Vendors

through Leading Indicators

The Problem

CTOs who work with software development outsourcing vendors are often dissatisfied with a perceived divergence of interests, where vendors show opportunistic behavior to maximize their own expected profit instead of acting in line with the goals of the CTO.

This is possible due to:

  • Not included Incomplete and asymmetric information
  • Not included High monitoring costs
  • Not included Lagging indicators that focus on outputs such as the number of features, story points, pull requests, or bugs found

The Solution

KEDEHub offers the Software Engineering Intelligence Platform, which uses patented technology to analyze source code with no additional software installations on developers' computers, no extra input from vendors, and no need for their consent for the analysis,


  • Decreased information asymmetry
  • Reduced monitoring costs
  • Leading indicators that monitor the capability of the process, such as predictability, efficiency, rework, and developer happiness

What you will gain

Better Outcomes for your projects

  • Ensure predictable software delivery
  • Boost Efficiency to deliver value faster.
  • Minimize Waste to reduce overall costs

Transparency and Control

  • Monitor how Utilization of Engineering Talent has changed over the entire length of your projects
  • Benchmark and Compare the capability of developers, projects, and teams
  • Get a clear view of vendor capabilities, intentions, and actions

Alignment with your Goals

  • Aligned Data and Analysis
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Data-Driven Decisions

Maximize productivity

of your outsourcing vendors

Available in both SaaS and On-Premise versions

How It Works

KEDEHub platform has three main functions: analyzing Git repositories, calculating Knowledge-centric metrics, and presenting results visually.
KEDEHub is available in both SaaS and On-Premise versions.

Analysis is conducted on local clones of Git repositories.

  • Your source code and commit messages remain secure on your premises, ensuring the protection of your intellectual property.
  • No Intellectual property (IP) is captured through the analysis of the source code and commit messages.
  • The analysis is carried out by an open-source agent, which can be found here.

No Disruptions for Developers

  • There is no need for software installations on developers' computers.
  • Developers are not required to provide any additional input.
  • Consent from developers is not necessary.

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