For the IT Sourcing Advisory Consultant

Benchmark productivity

of outsourcing vendors

through data-driven insights

powered by our patented technology

What you can do

Unlock the vendor' potential for increased productivity

Benchmark your vendor

  • Confirm the quality of people offered by the vendor who would be working on your clients' projects.
  • Monitor the vendor's performance during execution of the outsourcing contract.
  • Avoid being cheated by the vendor.

Narrow the scope

  • Monitor your vendor and individual developers to ensure their performance is maintained or exceeded.
  • Measure developer happiness
  • Identify and resolve roadblocks that are affecting productivity and happiness.

Monitor the Utilization of Engineering Talent

Be credible

You and the vendor will be in agreement over data and analysis

  • Aligned Data and Analysis: Our patented metric, KEDE, provides a way to measure and analyze data that is easily understood by all members of the leadership team.
  • Improved Collaboration: KEDE allows for greater collaboration and alignment between you and the CEO, HR, VP Engineering, Project Managers, Program Managers.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: By using KEDEHub, the leadership team can work together to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to increase productivity and happiness among the development teams.

Benchmark productivity

of outsourcing vendors

KEDEHub: A SaaS Platform

How It Works

KEDEHub is a Software as a Service platform that has three main functions: analyzing Git repositories, calculating KEDE, and presenting results visually. KEDE computation is based on a scientific method for evaluating the capability of software development organizations and constitutes patented technology.

Analysis is conducted on local clones of Git repositories.

  • Your source code and commit messages remain secure on your premises, ensuring the protection of your intellectual property.
  • No information is captured through the analysis of the source code and commit messages.
  • The analysis is carried out by an open-source agent, which can be found here.

No Disruptions for Developers

  • There is no need for software installations on developers' computers.
  • Developers are not required to provide any additional input.
  • Consent from developers is not necessary.

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