Help software development organizations unleash their untapped human potential with a scientific and non-intrusive method.


Our mission is to help software development organizations unleash their untapped human potential and increase their productivity fifty fold.

We do that by measuring the untapped human potential using the one and only scientifically based metric - knowledge discovery efficiency (KEDE). Measuring KEDE is not the objective - it is only a tool to support process improvements by providing a target condition for the problem solving effort. The objective is to expose problems and foster creative tension in the software development organization to remove waste and increase efficiency.

A thermometer for knowledge work

In the past doctors' determination of whether fever was present was qualitative. Physicians regularly touched the foreheads of their patients and gauged what kind and how bad the fever was. Today physicians use a thermometer in order to get an understanding about what is going on inside the black box that is a human organism.

The present day attitude toward measuring knowledge work capability very much resembles how temperature was understood 400 years ago. It is argued that the manager's touch captures information richer than any tool. However, we don't agree. We want to use objective and scientific methods operating on data rather than perceptions or gut instinct It is time to get rid of qualitative description of knowledge work and start describing it in numbers. It is time to stop measuring knowledge work capability by the tangible output i.e. working software with the requested functionality. It is time to stop measuring knowledge work capability by the effort put in producing the tangible output. It is time to start measuring the capability of knowledge work by its essence, which is the acquisition and application of knowledge. That is what the one and only scientifically based metric - knowledge discovery efficiency (KEDE) is used for!

Managers and decision-makers , who want to unleash the untapped potential in their organization, can use KEDEHub to get visibility into the black box that is an organization developing software with our scientific and non-intrusive method.

KKEDEHub allows you to make comparisons within and among your company's functional areas and between your company and others by objectively and scientifically answer questions such as:

  • What is the capability of each of the vendors you outsource projects to?
  • What is the capability of my company's human capital compared with the average level in the industry?
  • Did the new recruits increase the capability of my team?

After quantifying how efficient the knowledge discovery process is you can take actions to unleash the untapped human potential.

What we believe in

At present the software development industry is leaving a huge amount of untapped human potential on the table. Potential untapped is talent wasted. Deming wrote that the “greatest waste is failure to use the ability of people. Money and time spent for training will be ineffective unless inhibitors to good work are removed”. Since software is eating the world, such a waste negatively affects every single person on Earth.

Managers' main job is to discover and unleash the untapped human potential in their organization. The best developers will remain underpaid until managers are able to quantify the extent of their contribution. At the same time for junior developers, it is hard to figure out their standing relative to their teammates.

KEDE is the only scientifically based method of quantifying the untapped human potential. Let's make it crystal clear - the knowledge discovery efficiency is a paradigm shift, a radically different approach. KEDE will shape the future trajectory of the software development industry for generations to come.

Who we are

KEDEHub is led by Dimitar Bakardzhiev - a serial technology entrepreneur and an expert in managing successful and cost-effective complex software projects. With his blend of technical, managerial and operational expertise, he effectively combines the theory and practice of Agile and Kanban Method to deliver business results. He also published David Anderson's Kanban book as well as books by Goldratt and Deming in the Bulgarian language.